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Core Resources
Academic version of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, which is no longer published in print format. For a list of all editions of the Britannica held by Princeton, see the History Resource Guide. Includes the Merriam Webster Dictionary.
Considered the most authoritative and comprehensive English language dictionary in the world. Includes information on the English language, its history, and the social, cultural, and political influences that have shaped the language through the centuries.
Bilingual dictionaries pairing English with Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish.
Full-text of more than 100 dictionaries and reference books published by Oxford University Press
Handbooks and encyclopedias in history, the sciences, and the social sciences.
Important Resources
An important biographical resource, the online version includes all articles published to date, along with access to the predecessors of the AKL, Allgemeines Lexikon der Bildenden Kunstler von der Antike bis Zur Gegenwart (Thieme-Becker) and for the 20th century, Vollmer. Also includes the AKL's Bio-Bibliographical Index (A-Z), and the Kunstlerlexikon der Antike.
Basic introductory encyclopedia to (largely modern) China.
Combined searching of Dictionary of Organic Compounds, Dictionary of Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds, Dictionary of Drugs, Dictionary of Commonly Cited Compounds and Dictionary of Natural Products
Full-text access to 10 medieval, early modern and modern Latin dictionaries with search results linked back to the Library of Latin Texts.
Articles on all aspects of the Jewish life, including religion, history, politics, culture, the Holocaust, Jewish arts and literature, Jews in America, and more. Composed of complete text of the 16-volume 1972 print edition, eight year books, and two decennial volumes.
Covers social, legal, political, economic, and demographic factors of American immigration from early settlements to the present. Includes major immigrant groups.
Searchable database of 2,500 specially commissioned, peer-reviewed and continually updated articles, or browsable A-Z by subject category
Multi-volume encyclopedia covering applied chemistry and chemical engineering. Previous editions are also valuable as reference.
Signed articles on resource exploitation, environmentalism, ecology, geology, biology, and the economic application of the Earth's resources.
Comprehensive information on the world of Islam in disciplines ranging from religion and history to politics and culture with a geographic and chronological scope encompassing the early Arab-Islamic Empire, Iran, Central Asia, the Indian subcontinent and Indonesia, the Ottoman Empire and all modern Islamic states.
Articles with bibliographies covering traditional topics like rare books and intellectual freedom, and current issues, such as digital technology, hardware/software, wireless service.
Encyclopedic database on North Korea searchable by subject categories or keywords.
300+ signed articles on demographic and related topics
Comprehensive compendium of theory, design methods, and applications on RF and microwave engineering. Key topics covered are Electromagnetics, Wave Propagation, RF Circuits, RF Receivers, Microwave Antennas, RF and Microwave Photonics, CAD Techniques and Modeling, Noise, Communications Systems, Radio Technologies, Remote Sensing, and more.
Online edition that corresponds to 16 volumes of the print reference. Valuable tool for research and work in areas of probability theory, biostatistics, quality control, and economics. Emphasis on applications of statistical methods in sociology, engineering, computer science, biomedicine, psychology and survey methodology.
Note: Free registration is required.
Contains the world's largest electronic collection of Jewish texts in Hebrew ever recorded, which embody thousands of years of Jewish learning. Includes numerous works from the Responsa Literature - rabbinic case-law rulings which represent the historical-sociological milieu of real-life situations. Includes the Bible, the Talmud and their principal commentaries; works about Jewish law and customs; major the codes of Jewish law, such as Maimonides' Mishneh Torah and the Shulchan Aruch with its principal commentaries; midrashim, Zohar, etc.
Online version of the Europa World Year Book and the 9-volume Europa Regional Surveys of the World series. Current surveys of countries and territories, covering such topics as government, political organizations, diplomatic representation, religion, media, finance, trade, industry, transport, and tourism. Also provides basic country data and a comparative statistics feature. Essays analyze key issues for each region, and there is directory information for international and regional organizations, as well as research institutes. Links to archives of previous years' content, back to 2006.
Gateway to several important art historical reference tools, most notably, the Grove Dictionary of Art ("Grove Art Online") and Benezit Dictionary of Artists (2006 English ed.). Also includes The Oxford Companion to Western Art (2001), The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms (2001), The Encyclopedia of Aesthetics (1998), a database of images and more.
Aims to capture the "state of the art" of the social and behavioral sciences, expanding its focus to include related biological fields, such as evolutionary science, genetics, cognitive neuroscience, psychiatry, and health. Topics include anthropology, archaeology, demography, economics, education, geography, history, law, linguistics, philosophy, political science, psychiatry, psychology, and sociology.
Complete contents of the 12-volume Jewish Encyclopedia, which was originally published between1901-1906
Searches and displays word-entries from monolingual English dictionaries, bilingual lexicons, technical vocabularies, and other encyclopedic-lexical works, 1480-1702.
Includes The McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology 10th edition, McGraw-Hill Yearbooks of Science & Technology, McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, and the Hutchinson Dictionary of Scientific Biography.
Covers three major Middle English electronic resources: an electronic version of the Middle English Dictionary, a Bibliography of Middle English prose and verse and other electronic resources, including a large collection of Middle English texts.
Considered the definititive, authoritative source for scholarly, signed articles in economics.
One-volume encyclopedia to all aspects of classical antiquity. 3rd ed. 1996. Edited by Simon Hornblower and Antony Spawforth.
Biographical articles for composers, performers, librettists, conductors and others. Includes entries from Grove dictionaries of jazz and opera as well.
Provides over 2,500 entries covering all aspects of international law. Entries include references for further research including cases, treaties, journal articles, and websites.
Elementary English-Latin dictionary.
Elementary Latin-English dictionary.
Provides full-text articles with current bibliographies on virtually every aspect of philosophy. Updated quarterly
Princeton hosted database of English nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs grouped into sets of cognitive synonyms (synsets), each expressing a distinct concept.
World Bank and UNCTAD data on trade, tariffs, and non-tariff measures. Requires registration. World Bank and UNCTAD data on trade, tariffs, and non-tariff measures. Requires registration.
Taiwanese Chinese illustrated encyclopedic dictionary

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