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A & H Citation Index  (Sciences (1900+), Social Sciences (1898+), and Arts and Humanities (1975+).)
Note: For optimal use download the special additional font; see instructions on the East Asian Library web pages. For databases marked Shiyusuo (IHP) use the AS Scripta Sinica instead.
Note: Click on "shouquan shiyong" (authorized access) to enter.
Access UNDP  (1972-1998)
Africa-Wide: NiPAD  (16th century +)
Alt-Press Watch  (Earliest date is 1970. Most start in the 1990s.)
Note: Restricted to academic research by Princeton University faculty and students.
Note: Print predecessor Writings on American History covering 1904-1954 is in Firestone's General & Humanities Reference (DR) Z1236.L331.
American Israelite  (1854-2000)
American Periodicals  (1740-early 20th century.)
American Periodicals Series Online  (1740-early 20th century.)
Access: Stokes Library
Note: Web version is a subset of the CD Version.
Art Index  (Indexing 1929+, Select Full Text 1997+)
Note: Click on My Account or Price Database at the top.
Arts and Humanities Citaton Index  (Sciences (1900+), Social Sciences (1898+), and Arts and Humanities (1975+).)

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